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Thank you again for the group of people you sent to work at my home. They are an amazing group of kind and very hardworking individuals. It is much appreciated. T.C.

Tim, Due to my sudden bed ridden state I must Thank You for all the advice, Counsel, and amazing work ethic you automatically put in place for Judy and I.  Can't wait to recommend very Highly you and your staff.  Thank you and yur staff!  You accomplished with amazing professionalism.  B.N


Dear Tim, Thanks so much for making this such an easy and effortless move. You and your guys were terrific! Best wishes to you this Holiday Season, Sincerely, B.C.


Forgot to praise you both on the terrific narrative on the complex lots. As a retail reseller, this kind of information is vital to determine potential return on investment. You should teach a class, a webinar, a video tutorial. Your careful attention to detail speaks not only to your high standards, integrity and level of professionalism and expertise, it increases the return to the seller, the franchise and the buyer.

Unfortunately, this is far from the norm. I have learned CTbids does nothing to correct the practices of franchisees or control their quality and integrity.

All I can do is not bid and steer clear of presenters who know nothing about their inventory and don't care about their sellers or buyers. When I see huge lots  of collectibles that should be logically divided, as you did with jewelry, or reduced reduced to fewer items, as with Lladro, Hummel, etc., for greater return for all and affordability with shipping, etc., for the buyer. And often a really heavy item will tank a lot because it prohibits shipping and should have been presented elsewhere. 

 Can't thank you both enough for the great presentation I stumbled upon. Enjoyed every minute I participated and am confident that my choices were wise. Will be watching for your auctions. My focus is high-end jewelry; shipping is low, bidding has fewer competitors and resale is highly profitable with little prep before staging in our eclectic, five-star shop Treasure Chests & Auctions, the only live auction in the state of Washington at this time. 

 Continued good fortune, Tim and Heather.  Warmest regards, L

Dear Tim, 
Thank you so much for everything yesterday! It really helped me a lot! I was having a terrible day yesterday and your sunny disposition and your calm patience really helped me to pull myself together! S.S.


"Tim, We certainly made the right choice when we selected you to help with our move. You were always responsive when we called or emailed. You have an experienced and dedicated crew of helpers. They are all cheerful, polite, hard-working and helpful. That speaks volumes for the person they work for—you. Every detail was taken care of including putting my broom in the closet and leaving one lamp on the timer. We could hardly believe when we walked into the empty house. I expected to do a lot of cleaning and vacuuming, and you had already done most of it. Our realtor walked in, looked around and said “This house is ready to sell!”.
Tim, you and your crew did a fantastic job for us and fulfilled every specification. We are telling everyone how great our experience was with you including the online auction, unpacking the entire kitchen and even helping make the bed. We thank you over and over for your help, attention to detail, expertise, honesty, and also your friendship.


"Dear Tim, I just wanted to thank you and your wonderful Team for all your hard work.  You were all such a pleasure to work with and  very caring and respectful.  You made such a difference in our lives. I have recommended you highly to our agent and he says he will use you again. :)  Again, thank you so much. I hope you know you and your Team bring relief and hope to those of us in these hoarder type of situations.

S&D McGinley

"It was all a positive experience. Staff "took charge" when they needed to, otherwise let me do the things I wanted to do myself (mostly sorting and discarding items). Tim was flexible and patient, reworking floor plans as requested. Thank you, Tim, Laurie, Marie, and the moving crew."

-Pat C.

"You took a tremendous burden off my shoulders by taking charge of a job that I was too busy to complete myself."
- Kim S.

"You took care of everything professionally, and we felt you really cared about us and about treating (my aunt’s) things with respect. You were a lifesaver."
- Jim R.

"We appreciated all the work you did after the estate sale: cleaning up the house, finding appropriate places to donate unsold items, and overseeing disposal of things that could not be donated."
- Donna B.

"Thank you Caring Transitions, for the help you provided in my recent estate sale. Not only was it profitable, but you also made it fun!"
- Maria G.

"In a few short weeks, you turned what appeared to be an insurmountable job into a well-organized event. The results of the sale surpassed our expectations…"
- Curt M.